If I have ever ever ever in my life said anything bad about firemen or EMTs, I take it back. I’m so sorry. They saved my son’s life last night.

So we go eat at my mom’s, and come home. Josh sets up shop with the xBox and I strike out to tan. Kids in bed.

I come home, speak with Josh for a bit, shower, and put on pj’s. Headed for bed, I stop in the kids’ bedroom to check on them.

Max is lying on the bed, eyes wide open, motionless. No color in his face at all. I went over to him, thinking he was playing a joke or something, and his eyes are unblinking and he’s completely limp. I shake him a little bit, in case he was just creepily asleep with his eyes open. Nothing. He was breathing, shallowly, but that’s all.

Oh my god. Oh my GOD! I don’t know what to do. I don’t. I don’t.

I call for Josh, and he comes in, tries much of the same. Nothing. Max’s face gets pastier and pastier.

“Get some clothes on, Emily. Call someone to keep Ava.”

Josh runs out the front door, and I try and make Max sit up. He sits up, and spews his supper out of his mouth. No effort on his part at all. He was totally unconscious. Puked again, still limp as a rag. He stops breathing.

“Max, breathe! Please, Max, breathe!”

I pick up my limp baby boy and run for the front door. I step onto the porch and see my neighbor Tonya the nurse following Josh to the house. Thank God he was there. She starts to run, takes Max from me, and into my next door neighbor’s kitchen floor.

My God. This is my kid. MY KID. What am I going to do if this doesn’t work? What will happen if I lose him? I can’t do that! God he looks so bad. what did I do? Why is this happening? Max baby baby baby please come back….

As I am half dressed and covered in vomit, they send me inside to change clothes while we wait for the paramedics. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and got outside just in time for the firemen.

They file into Ms. Elise’s kitchen where Max is in the floor, and Tonya has evidently been breathing for him. Oxygen tanks, “Wake up, Max!, Wake up!”, and a lot of blurs later, Max starts to wail. The ambulance arrives. I end up in the kitchen floor trying to talk to Max while they mess with him, and before long we’re in the ambulance. Me in front, Josh inside the house. I keep hearing Max say, “NO!” and even once, “You get away!” Atta boy.

Well, great. Who do I call? Dan — Scotland. Deborah — New York. My mom — would just freak out.

I call Jodie. Poor thing. Tell her what’s going on.

We eventually arrive at the hospital, Max crying in the back all the way. The ambulance guys were super nice, as were the firemen. I solemnly state that I would give any one of those men a kidney.

Go inside, and they poke Max with needles, electrodey things, all that. CAT scan, which he hated. Thank God for Josh again…I would never have been able to hold Max down like that. Xrays. They had to put him in some torturous looking thing for the x-rays, and he quite plainly wailed to Josh, “Save me!”

All that time. We were there forever. Finally got home this morning at like 3.

We don’t know what happened. Max feels like a million bucks today, though.

Thank God for Josh. For my neighbors. For Karen the wonderbabysitter. For the emergency team. For Ava my calm, complacent little girl who did not cause trouble of her own. For my sweet, sweet little boy whose first words to me during this whole episode were “To da moon…da moon and back.” As in, “I love you to the moon and back.”

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